Apple Will Not Release watchOS 2 Today Due to Significant Bug

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While Apple announced last week that it would be releasing iOS 9 and watchOS 2 to the public today, the company has just announced that it will not be releasing watchOS 2 as scheduled due to a recently discovered bug.TechCrunch has shared the full text of Apple’s notice.
“We have discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” an Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly.”
Apple seeded the intended golden master version of watchOS 2 to developers immediately following last week’s media event, but the company will need to make some final tweaks to address the discovered bug before it feels comfortable releasing the updated operating system to the public.

So good luck guys and think twice before you install iOS 2 like we did.


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Apple Watch Downgrade iOS 2

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Apple informed developers it is not possible to downgrade to Apple Watch after installing a beta of watchOS. One month ago we warned you of the danger install the beta watchOS 2 in your Apple Watch , for by the time the clock does not have any way to downgrade and force us to remain on the beta version until the release of version end next fall or send the device to Apple to have it restored. This information was discovered by developers and users who installed the beta of watchOS 2 in their Apple Watch , but so far the company has not released any notice or warning about it . However , a few hours ago the developers have found a new web page that Apple details that you cannot restore the Apple Watch watchOS previous versions without the assistance of technical support. The company also reports that neither Apple Store or Apple Authorized Resellers may be downgraded, so we are required to send the company your clock and wait us return to the previous version of the system. One of the most important questions raised by this system, and that has not been resolved in the new documentation, is the cost that would send him our Apple Watch for downgrade, as well ensure that there can be free.

Although this is not a big problem for betas watchOS since the end of the day only installation developers are recommended, yes it could cause a problem for future upgrades that have some sort of error or bug User end. Without going any further, let iOS 8.0.1 without coverage and completely useless Touch ID iPhone users iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, something that Apple could solve momentarily showing the steps to return to iOS 8 while solving the problem.

The inability to downgrade to Apple Watch could become a major problem

However , as we read in 9to5Mac , Apple Watch this on would be impossible, forcing users to wait for Apple to release a new version to correct the problems. Another possibility is that the company is vetoing the possibility to downgrade the clock because it is a first version of the same operating system -at which also lacks many other functions such as Lock- Activation , so do not be ruled out that hit the DFU mode Apple Watch soon.

Apple Watch

If you have the same problem please comment, on this post and  together we can find a solution.

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iOS 9.1

iOS 9.1 Public Beta

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iOS 9.0 may not yet be available to the public, but Apple is already seeding the next version of the mobile operating system to testers. Yesterday developers got their hands on the first version of iOS 9.1, and today the same has been made available for users on the public iOS beta.

To download the new build, which includes support for new emoji characters, users can head over to the Apple Beta website and enroll their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After a reboot, iOS 9.1 should show up under the Software Update tab in the Settings app.


Thus far there haven’t been a whole lot of changes in the new build, though some users are reporting much better performance over the GM build of iOS 9. There are also new APIs for developers building iPhone 6s apps with 3D Touch and Live Photos, but little else seems to have changed.


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Apple Watch release date, price and specs

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I think everybody heard about the new Apple product “The Watch” here you have m: release date, price and specs.

THE APPLE WATCH is perhaps the most hotly awaited wearable yet, and Apple announced more details about it at an event on 9 March in San Francisco.

Release date
The Apple Watch will be available to pre-order online and in-store from 10 April before it goes on sale on 24 April.

Apple has finally spilled the beans on US pricing. The 38mm Apple Watch Sport will be available from $299, while the larger 42mm model will cost $339.

The ‘Watch’ edition will be available from $479, going up to $949 depending on the case and band combination. For example, a 38mm Apple Watch with a Black Classic Buckle strap will set you back $559, while the 42mm model will be $50 more expensive.



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