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Latest Apple TV Update

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Apple TV updated Wednesday morning, giving the main screen a whole new look and adding Beats Music as a “channel.”

The icons for Music, Computers and TV Shows all have a new, almost pastel look, while all the icons seem a bit flatter, like iOS 8. The fonts seem thinner, as well, reflecting the overall new design ethos of iOS and OS X.

You can also connect to iCloud Photo and Family Sharing options, new iOS 8 features that also went live today for iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple TV has been a “hobby” for the Cupertino company since the original hard-drive-based devices came out in 2007. With the release of two generations since then, the hobby has become a billion dollar business for Apple. As a third leg in the Apple home ecosystem, Apple TV — or the technology behind it, at least — is an important business as well.

The new update brings the Apple TV look and feel up to date with the current iOS and OS X visual changes, and now connects to several key systems behind the scenes as well, like Family Sharing and iCloud Photos.

If you own a third generation Apple TV (the black hockey puck) or higher, you should be able to find the update in the General > Software Updates settings.


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