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  • New Exxon CEO supports Paris climate deal, carbon tax February 27, 2017
    The world's largest publicly traded oil company appears to be more concerned about climate change than the President of the United States. While Donald Trump works on rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations and wants to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, new ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Darren Woods recently said in a blog post that the Dal […]
  • Rusty shovel heads transformed into delicate lace-inspired sculptures February 27, 2017
    Artist Denise Bizot has a gift for breathing new life into an unexpected medium—rusted shovel heads. The New Orleans-based artist retrieves discarded shovel heads from salvage yards and carves beautifully intricate lace-inspired designs into the rusted surfaces. She typically keeps the oxidized patina intact for the visual contrast between the weathered obje […]



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