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Latest Apple TV Update

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Apple TV updated Wednesday morning, giving the main screen a whole new look and adding Beats Music as a “channel.”

The icons for Music, Computers and TV Shows all have a new, almost pastel look, while all the icons seem a bit flatter, like iOS 8. The fonts seem thinner, as well, reflecting the overall new design ethos of iOS and OS X.

You can also connect to iCloud Photo and Family Sharing options, new iOS 8 features that also went live today for iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple TV has been a “hobby” for the Cupertino company since the original hard-drive-based devices came out in 2007. With the release of two generations since then, the hobby has become a billion dollar business for Apple. As a third leg in the Apple home ecosystem, Apple TV — or the technology behind it, at least — is an important business as well.

The new update brings the Apple TV look and feel up to date with the current iOS and OS X visual changes, and now connects to several key systems behind the scenes as well, like Family Sharing and iCloud Photos.

If you own a third generation Apple TV (the black hockey puck) or higher, you should be able to find the update in the General > Software Updates settings.


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Apple TV 6.2 software update

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Apple today released a trio of major updates, one giving the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices improved iBeacon connectivity and the other enabling enhanced Wi-Fi performance and better reliability when waking up your Mac from sleep, among other changes.

The Apple TV 6.2 software update carries a build number of 11D257c and is available for second and third-generation Apple TV devices.

Your Apple TV should install it automatically. If not, go to Settings > General > Software Updates and select Update Software to manually apply the bug-fix update.

Again, there don’t seem to be any new features in this update other than bug fixes, but if you’ve noticed other changes, drop us a line on support@itremotesolutions.com or post in comments and I’ll update  accordingly.


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New Apple TV Update

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As it turns out, Apple isn’t quite done yet putting out updates on all the things. Following a slew of major updates for its iOS and Mac apps as well as for OS X itself, the company has just issued a new software update for Apple TV. Bringing the popular set-top box’s software to version 6.1.1 , the new update is a decidedly minor one. According to Apple’s release notes, the update includes “general performance and stability improvements.” It’s available as an over-the-air update for second- and third-generation Apple TVs. The update comes as a follow-up to Apple TV software version 6.0, which was released last month to add support for iTunes Radio, iCloud-powered AirPlay, Bluetooth 4.0, and other enhancements. Just a couple of days ago, Apple added a new channel to Apple TV that’s dedicated to iMovie Theater. The new iMovie Theater channel on Apple TV is activated by signing into an iCloud account that’s connected to iMovie for iOS or Mac. Debuting in the new versions of iMovie for iOS and iMovie for Mac, iMovie integrates with iCloud to let you watch your shared clips, movies, and trailers on all of your Apple devices, including your Apple TV.

Apple TV 6.1.1

  • Apple TVAvailable for: Apple TV 2nd generation and later

    Impact: An attacker in a privileged network position can obtain web site credentials

    Description: Set-Cookie HTTP headers would be processed even if the connection closed before the header line was complete. An attacker could strip security settings from the cookie by forcing the connection to close before the security settings were sent, and then obtain the value of the unprotected cookie. This issue was addressed by ignoring incomplete HTTP header lines.


Download new firmware.



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