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OS X Yosemite Beta 2

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Apple on Thursday provided members of its public beta program the second test build of OS X Yosemite, while a new build of iTunes 12 for Yosemite is also available.


OS X Yosemite Beta 2 it´s here and you can download it from the Appstore

1. Open your Appstore

2. Check for new updates

3. Download and install the new Beta 2 of Yosemite


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.46.04



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iOS 8 beta 2 now available for download

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New Features iOS 8 Beta 2






Apple released its first iOS 8 beta on June 2nd and anyone who has installed it since then knows it’s a bit rough around the edges. Of course, this is entirely expected — Apple’s early iOS betas are always riddled with issues that Apple fixes in the months leading up to its public release. Though tens of thousands of non-developers install the software on their personal devices each year, it is intended only for developers so they can update their apps and build new ones ahead of iOS 8′s release this fall. They also help Apple identify bugs, of course, and their feedback has been put to use in iOS 8 beta 2, which is now available to download.


iOS 8 beta 2 is now available for developers with compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices as an over the air (OTA) download and as a download from Apple’s developer portal. The new software addresses a number of bugs from the first iOS 8 beta, and we’ll update this post with Apple’s full release notes / change log as soon as we receive them.

Safari: Safari comes with privacy enhancements such as blocking ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user consent and a new welcome screen for Private Browsing Mode.

Bookmarks: Saving a bookmark or adding a site to Shared Links is now possible by simply tapping and holding on the bookmarks button.

QuickType Keyboard: iPad gets new QuickType keyboard suggestions feature that was previously unavailable.

Privacy: New Home Data menu is available under Settings > Privacy, which lists apps accessing your Home Data via HomeKit.

App Store: New option to post reviews and view Family Purchases, wherein the purchased items can be sorted by purchase date rather than alphabetically.

Camera and Photos: Auto thumbnail view is now available for each photo via camera app and an option to enable iCloud Photos instead of Photo Stream settings. In addition, new Last Synced and Pause options are accessible via Settings > iCloud > Photos.

Notifications: Multiple toggle function for disabling each notification for individual app is now replaced with a new per-app Allow Notifications switch via Settings > Notifications that allows you to disable all notifications pertaining to an app with a single switch.

Messages: Enjoy the ability to mark all messages as read and a new Raise to Listen option via Settings > Messages to quickly listen and respond to incoming audio messages by raising the phone to your ear.

Settings: Wallpaper and Brightness feature brings better Brightness control for accuracy while the Settings app stores previous toggle position in memory before swiping back. Battery Usage by app (General > Usage > Battery Usage) introduces a new No Cell Coverage feature to determine how much battery charge your phone used when no signal coverage was available.

Other Tweaks: Among other tweaks, clock app remembers last used tab and AirDrop feature does not require an open Finder window to receive a file during file transfers between iOS 8 and Yosemite. Handoff is more optimised for better functionality between iOS 8 and Yosemite.


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