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How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro’s RAM

Hi remoters,

Here you have a mini “How to Upgrade your Macbook RAM”.


Here’s how to upgrade your MacBook Pro’s RAM:

  1. Disconnect the power cord and turn your Mac over.
  2. Remove the ten screws on the back of the case. There are seven 3 mm screws, and three 13.5 mm screws. As you see in the image



3. Gently lift the case backing and tilt it towards the rear of the computer, as shown below.

4. Touch a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static electricity from your body.

5. Push out the tabs on both sides of the RAM module, as shown below. These tabs keep the RAM module firmly tucked in to    the logic board – pushing them out causes the RAM module to pop up.

6. After the RAM module has popped up, pull it back out of the socket, as shown below






7.  Gently place the case backing onto the top of the case and power up your Mac.


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Replace your DVD with an HDD Macbook Pro

Hi remoters,

After 2 months of waiting, my HDD support cammed all the way from China, so i will explain you the steps and what I did with my macbook pro.

1. DVD = i don´t use it too much

2. SSD (solid state disk) = i just bought it and it´s just 128 GB and quite expensive

3. ND (normal disk) = it´s 500 GB and i had to change it with the 128 GB SSD because it´s faster.

4. SSD + ND = 2 disk in one laptop….quite cool no?

Here you have some pictures with the steps that I followed.


My original apple disk 500 GB.


Open Macbook Pro

IMG_1291 (1)




And this is the final result and my two drives in one laptop…



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How to change the default search engine in Safari

Hi remoters,

Here you have a tutorial about how to change your default search engine. I m not a google fan so I use more Bing!!!

Go to Preferences option. To change the default search engine, click General settings menu available at the top right corner of the browser.




Select Preferences from the available menu list. This would display the following Preferences window.


In the General tab, navigate to Default search engine and select your preferred search engine from the available drop down values. And click the close button available at the top right corner of the Preferences window.

(I recommend Bing)





Now the search engine section in Safari browser should display the changed value as shown below.



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