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Replace your DVD with an HDD Macbook Pro

Hi remoters,

After 2 months of waiting, my HDD support cammed all the way from China, so i will explain you the steps and what I did with my macbook pro.

1. DVD = i don´t use it too much

2. SSD (solid state disk) = i just bought it and it´s just 128 GB and quite expensive

3. ND (normal disk) = it´s 500 GB and i had to change it with the 128 GB SSD because it´s faster.

4. SSD + ND = 2 disk in one laptop….quite cool no?

Here you have some pictures with the steps that I followed.


My original apple disk 500 GB.


Open Macbook Pro

IMG_1291 (1)




And this is the final result and my two drives in one laptop…



Thanks for following,

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