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New Macbook Pro

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Apple unveils smallest and lightest Macbook everis with 12- inch Retina Display.


Today Apple has unveiled its reinvented MacBook, a 12-inch model that’s thinner and lighter than any machine the company has made before. The all-new unibody structure has no internal fan for the first time ever, and it contains the smallest and densest logic board the company has manufactured en masse–one that’s 67 percent smaller than the one in the 11-inch MacBook Air. However, the new MacBook also comes with an unusual compromise: a single, new USB-C connector that supports everything from charging to Ethernet and connecting peripherals.


More on that in a moment — first, let’s go through the specifics. The new MacBook is just 13.1mm thick, and weighs just two pounds — almost a pound lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air, and about six ounces lighter than the 11-inch model. The new 12-inch Retina display features 2,304 by 1,440 pixels, and is just 0.88mm thick. Each pixel now consumes 30 percent less energy than before.

The MacBook has a new, flatter-style keyboard with a revised mechanism that enables more even key presses, and letting it “be thinner, and more precise in its illumination,”

Here you have a short video with the new Macbook

This one will be impressive,


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Weird sound when I make phone calls from Yosemite

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We finally found the solution for this problema between iOS 8 and Yosemite. When you try to make a call from you Mac using your iPhone you hear a strange sound.


How to solve that?

1. Try to make a pone call (if you have a weird background sound)

2. Connect your iPhone with the USB to your Mac

3. Trust your device

4. Try again to make a phone call (this time without sound)






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Continuity Yosemite

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Apple on unveiled two major updates for its main operating systems, including OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, that promise to further unify the user experience across devices whether they’re smartphones, tablets or computers. Unsurprisingly, the coolest Yosemite feature Apple unveiled on stage is the new operating system’s “continuity” feature, or its ability to allow users to stay on the same app, and continue their tasks across devices when switching to an iPhone or iPad – obviously, the same “continuity” feature is available on iOS devices, although it’s on the Mac that it shines. In a world dominated by smartphones and tablets, Apple has managed to make the Mac even more relevant by bringing to it some features that were restricted to iOS before, especially the iPhone. A Mac running Yosemite will now recognize when an iPhone is near it, and will be able to pick up calls and make calls through the iPhone’s cellular connection. Users will also be able to simply click on a phone number shown on a website to start a phone call, or select a person from Contacts, Calendar or Message to initiate a call. Similarly, Yosemite allows Mac users not only to continue iMessage conversations started on other iOS devices like they did on earlier iOS versions, but also to continue other SMS conversations that take place on the iPhone’s old school carrier-based messaging system, no matter what phones the other person has. Just like with calls, clicking any phone number in Safari, Contacts or Calendar can start text message conversations. A third smart feature that further connects the Mac with iOS devices is related specifically to the iPhone’s ability to share its cellular data connectivity. With Yosemite, Apple has just eliminated the whole setup procedure that was previously required to set up the Hotspot connection. Now, when an iPhone is in proximity of a Mac, the Mac user will be able to automatically connect to the iPhone’s data network via Wi-Fi, assuming such a feature is available on that iPhone, when a different Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. The Mac will even display signal strength and battery life of the iPhone. Finally, with Handoff Macs will be able to continue apps started on iOS and vice versa, on top of to the aforementioned calls and messages apps. Handoff will also work with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts, while developers will be able to add Handoff support to their apps. Naturally, Apple’s continuity vision only works if a Mac user also owns iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. Images showing these features follow below.






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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.46.04

OS X Yosemite Beta 2

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Apple on Thursday provided members of its public beta program the second test build of OS X Yosemite, while a new build of iTunes 12 for Yosemite is also available.


OS X Yosemite Beta 2 it´s here and you can download it from the Appstore

1. Open your Appstore

2. Check for new updates

3. Download and install the new Beta 2 of Yosemite


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.46.04



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Replace your DVD with an HDD Macbook Pro

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After 2 months of waiting, my HDD support cammed all the way from China, so i will explain you the steps and what I did with my macbook pro.

1. DVD = i don´t use it too much

2. SSD (solid state disk) = i just bought it and it´s just 128 GB and quite expensive

3. ND (normal disk) = it´s 500 GB and i had to change it with the 128 GB SSD because it´s faster.

4. SSD + ND = 2 disk in one laptop….quite cool no?

Here you have some pictures with the steps that I followed.


My original apple disk 500 GB.


Open Macbook Pro

IMG_1291 (1)




And this is the final result and my two drives in one laptop…



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